South West Winds up to 40 Knots & Al Hajr experiences rains

Al Amerat in Muscat Governorate is expected to receive rain in the next one hour.  Motorists heading towards areas of Al Hajr Mountains have been advised to take precautions as thundershowers and overflowing flow are likely to be experienced today and tomorrow.

The weather authorities urged public to be cautious due to rough sea along along the Arabian Sea coast, strong downdraft wind during the thunderstorms, and poor visibility during fog formation.

According to Oman Met Office weather forecast of Public Authority for Civil Aviation, today most of Al Hajr Mountain will get some rain.  “From East to West – Al Hajr Mountain and places near Al Hajr Mountains and especially to the south of the mountains are expected to have chances of receiving the showers.

It is the summer rains what we are experiencing.  The combination of humidity and high temperature results in the rain.  There are already cloud formations in Al Amerat,” said the weather forecaster at Oman Met Office.

Meanwhile the active South West Winds reached 40 knots in Al Hallaniyat Islands and 39 knots was recorded in Duqm.

The weather forecast stated that along the coastal area of Oman Sea, winds will be variable light at night becoming northeasterly light to moderate during the day and while along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea and in the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta the wind is forecast to be southwesterly moderate to fresh.  Over the rest of the Sultanate the winds will be southeasterly light to moderate.

There are chances of blowing dust over the open areas of the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates.

With the monsoon influence, cloudy skies are to be experienced along the coastal areas of Dhofar Governorate and adjoining mountains with intermittent drizzle. There are also chances for low level clouds or fog patches along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea during late night to early morning.

The sea continues to be rough along the coastal area of Arabian Sea with maximum wave height 4.0 meters and slight along the rest of coastal areas with maximum wave height of 1.25 meters.