Shura thanks HM for social security grant

In response to the Royal orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and based on the provisions of the Basic Statute of the State, Majlis Ash’shura on Tuesday held its first regular session of the third annual sitting (2017-2018) of the eighth term (2015-2019) under the chairmanship of Shaikh Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali.
At the session outset, the Council Secretary-General reviewed the agendas of the first and the second regular sessions. These agendas included the chairman’s address, electing the Shura Office members for the remaining half-term and approving the minutes of the two sessions held on June 13 and 14 this year.
The agendas also included the State General Budget, 2018 and review of the agreements refereed to the Council.
Addressing the session, Shaikh Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali, Chairman of Majlis Ash’shura, expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Majesty for ordering the payment of a Royal grant to the social security families on the occasion of the 47th National Day anniversary along with the continuity of the two Eid grants, and also for His Majesty’s directives to allocate RO 100 million from the annual budget for subsidising certain society segments affected by the liberalisation of fuel prices. The Council then elected six members to complement the Office membership as follows: Abdullah bin Ali al Amri who secured 62 votes, Mohammed bin Sulaiman al Kindi (55 votes), Ahmed bin Saif al Barwani (49 votes), Mohammed bin Said al Hajri (41 votes), Sultan bin Majid al Abri (39 votes) and Tahir bin Mabkhout al Junaibi (38 votes).
The Council then held its first regular session of the third annual sitting (2017-2018) of the eighth term (2015-2019) to discuss the list of nominees for the chairmanship of the Legal and Legislative Committee, the Financial and Economic Committee, the Health and Environment Committee, the Education and Scientific Research Committee, the Services and Social Development Committee, the Youth and Human Resources Committee and the Media and Culture Committee.
Today, Majlis Ash’shura will hold its second regular session to discuss a number of agreements referred by the Council of Ministers besides ministerial answers for parliamentary questions. — ONA