Shura member elected Arab Parliament’s new vice-president

MUSCAT, Dec 8 – Members of State Council and Majlis Ash’shura along with their peers in Arab Parliament voted to re-elect Dr Meshaal bin Fahmy al Salami, from Saudi Arabia, as President of the Arab Parliament, on Saturday in Cairo.
Shaikh Rashid bin Ahmed al Shamsi, Member of Majlis Ash’shura, was newly elected to the position of vice-president.
Abdulrahman Mohammed Ali Saeed of Sudan was elected as second deputy and Adel al Asoumi of Bahrain and Saad al Jamal of Egypt as the fourth deputy speaker of the Arab Parliament. The four permanent committees of the Arab Parliament were reconstituted.
Dr Al Salami, President of the Arab Parliament, delivered a speech after the election of the new Arab Parliament, in which
he stressed the role of the Arab Parliament to promote Arab solidarity, and support the Palestinian cause.
He emphasised that the Arab Parliament will work with the Arab countries and support their efforts in the war on terrorism and work to maintain Arab national security and support political solutions to address the internal conflicts experienced by some Arab countries, and support Arab integration in the economic and social.
The four permanent committees of the Arab Parliament will resume their meetings in accordance with its
new composition on Sunday and Monday.
The Arab Parliament’s office will hold a meeting on Monday to approve the agendas of the second and third sessions of the third session of the Arab Parliament. The third session of the Arab Parliament, which will be held on Tuesday.
From State Council, Musallam bin Ali al Mashani was elected as the member of
the foreign affairs and security committee; Khamis bin Said al Sulaimi, member of social affairs, education; Shaikh Al Shamsi, member of the economic and financial affairs committee; and Shaikh Salim bin Ali al Kaabi,
member of the Majlis Ash’shura, member of the legislative Committee and human rights of the Arab parliament.