Several bottles of ‘unfit’ mineral water seized

Muscat – The municipality of Samail has raided a restaurant and seized 1,116 bottles of mineral water (1.5L) that were presumably unfit for consumption. As statement from the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in the Dakhiliyah governorate said that samples have been also taken from around 2,280 bottles (500 m) that were poorly stored, violating all health safety norms.

Muscat Municipality has urged shopkeepers to exercise caution while storing bottled drinking water. It wants shop owners and salesmen to keep bottled water in specific containers to prevent damage.

As per the guidelines by the authorities, plastic water bottles should be not exposed to sunlight for fears of a chemical reaction that is harmful to health. The authorities said that consuming bottled drinking water is common both at home, workplace or any outdoor activities. While bottled drinking water is available in varied sizes at shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, care must be taken to ensure that water is stored in refrigerators or otherwise in accordance with the health safety standards.