Salalah braces for Mekunu

SALALAH –High clouds are hovering over Salalah sky and there is general commotion among the people about the cyclonic storm Mekunu. A section of people are taking the meteorological department’s bulletins and advisories seriously, while many others are still thinking that “it will also pass like previous cyclones, which could not make landfalls and moved to some other directions away from Salalah.”
The city is bracing up for the cyclonic storm, which has intensified and turned into a severe cyclonic storm at 7am on Wednesday and moving towards north-northwest and intensifying further.
The cyclonic storm, according to meteorological department sources in Muscat and New Delhi, is to cross south Oman-southeast Yemen coast southwest of Salalah during morning (Oman time) of 26th (Saturday) with a very high wind speed of 150-160 kmph.
People living at Halaniyat Island are being shifted to Shaleem. The process has already started today and likely to continue till tomorrow.
Committees are being set up by various departments and high level meetings are going on in Salalah to oversee the preparations and start rescue and rehabilitation measures soon after the cyclone.
Educational institutions are also having meetings to ensure safeguard of documents etc and possible rescheduling of meetings etc in the advent of the cyclone.
The authorities have decided to convert some schools into shelter homes equipped with health facilities, basic amenities and all possible resources in force.