Tropical storm to weaken in coming hours

Muscat: The low-pressure system over the Arabian Sea that gained momentum to become a tropical storm has been named ‘Sagar’.  The storm that entered the Gulf of Eden is expected to diminish in two days according to weather forecasters at Oman Met Office.  “The system is expected to weaken by tonight or tomorrow,” said the weather expert.

The rains will be mainly in the Southern part of Yemen, Djibouti, Northern part of  Somalia, Eritrea and Southern part of Al Hajar in Saudi Arabia, but Salalah or other parts of Dhofar do not have a chance to receive rain from this system because it has already moved into Gulf of Eden.  However, Salalah did receive indirect rains from the system on Wednesday.

There are chances of local rain especially in the East of Al Hajar Mountains, but not with the same intensity as yesterday.  The eastern side of Al Hajar covering Northern Sharqiya, Quriyat and other wilayats are expected to receive rain.  Heavy rains were also reported in the coasts of Oman Sea.