New driving license rules to make roads safer

Will tougher tests to get a driving license will help reduce the number of accidents?  From March 1, getting a driving license has been made tougher as per the traffic law amendments.

Only a preliminary one-year driving license will be issued to the learners who have successfully passed their driving test or the drivers who come to renew their license.

The temporary license can be replaced for the same category (light, heavy, motorbike and equipment) after one year if the applicant does not exceed six black points for traffic violations.
It will be renewed only for one more year if the applicant has seven to 12 black points registered against him.
If the black points exceed 12 in the first year or exceed 10 during the renewal period, the licenses will be cancelled and the driver will have to reappear for the test.
In Oman, from January 2019, men learners will be allowed to drive learn on both automatic or a manual transmission vehicle, which until was only restricted to female learners.
Statistically, tougher  laws seems to be bearing fruits with a 33 per cent drop in accidents from January to the end of March 2018, compared o the same period last year.
There has been a drop in the number of traffic accidents involving Omanis by 9.7 per cent and expatriates by 24.6 per cent.