ROP warns fraudsters

MUSCAT: Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed bin Ali al Rawas, Director of Inquiries and Criminal Investigation, at Muscat Governorate Police Command has urged citizens, residents and visitors to avoid behaviours that are criminalised by the law. Fraud is one such behaviour committed by some outlaws with the purpose of financial gain. Fraud has several types with online scams being the most prominent one. The scammers mostly use fraudulent e-mails, credit cards or social media platforms.
Al Rawas called on everyone to verify the sources of unknown messages warning against responding to fake financials offers and prizes. He stressed that citizens and residents should not submit their personal information to scammers urging them to immediately report fraud cases to their banks so as to promptly take necessary action. He also stressed the importance of continuously changing the password. Al Rawas also warned against quackery as a method of fraud saying that this type of scheme has become commonplace with lots of victims being cheated by charlatans.