ROP urges safe driving over accident reports

Observer Online

Muscat – Royal Oman Police (ROP) said there have been several cases of minor and major accident cases from across Oman, including Muscat today. Cases were reported near traffic signals at the Muscat Airport bridge, intersection of the main Sohar bridge, Oman Club in Al Khuwair and in the November 18 street. There were also reports of collision between two vehicles in Barka on the main road, accidents involving four vehicles near Burj al Sahwa roundabout towards BidBid. There have been an accident near the Shell Station in Qurm tool.
ROP has urged motorists to ensure that the brakes are working normally, avoid venturing into the wadis, use headlights appropriately and after you cross low-laying make sure that the brakes are fine for further use.
ROP said motorists should stick to their lanes and avoid traffic congestions at signals. Fines will be in the range of RO35-50