Rock Garden, a silent tourism treasure

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — As infrastructure development process goes on in the Wilayat of Duqm with high focus on the economic zone, other sectors to need attention. Tourism is one of the key sectors which needs investments in that part of the country as it will definitely complement the development march in Duqm. In fact, it should go parallel with development projects which are under way in Duqm as tourism will strongly back development and help in shedding more light on the area.
In a way, tourism will not only attract visitors to the place and explore the attractions of the place, but will also attract potential investors.
By having them in that part of the country, where lot of undiscovered treasures are available, they might get interest to invest in Duqm.
Their investments will not only trigger them to start business in tourism, but in other fields also, which will help in developing Duqm.
Hence, tourism stands as a tool to promote Duqm economic zone to local and overseas investors.
Due to its prime geographical location, Duqm is blessed with a wide range of tourist attractions and distinctive landmarks some of which are extremely exceptional.
Among the must-to-see places is the Rock Garden, which many people are not aware of.
I myself used to hear about it from others who have seen the garden, but I have visited it a month ago.
What you see there is really unbelievable! The attractions are beyond imagination indeed.
The Rock Garden narrates thousands of stories if one opens his or  her imagination and thinks creatively.
The captivating shapes of the rocks with different characters of animals,
faces and other creatures tell diverse
stories mirroring the magic of nature, zoo or a garden with a combination of creatures.
In fact you can’t even identify what the place would be with whatever you observe there.
That’s why you can come up with your own story of that place! What matters is the way you look at it, and how you interpret things the way they appear.
The 3-km square Rock Garden is of course an undiscovered tourist treasure in Duqm as the history behind its creation is not truly obvious.
The place looks like as if it was covered by the sea and it was underwater sea life when you see how the rocks and land are engraved.
Another image of the garden reflects as if the area is a zoo with different animals such as a lion, turtle and others.
Once you place your first step in the garden and have your first glance, the place will take you to a world of imagination.
What is being seen there is undoubtedly amazing!
As this garden is a unique tourist destination in the whole world and not many people have already been there, a special attention should be given to develop this part of Duqm.
It’s a tourism investment project that should be given priority within the development strategy of Duqm economic zone.
Lot of ideas could be implemented to develop this place and make it a must-to-visit destination.
Hence, the Rock Garden can boost the tourism sector in the area as it represents a distinguished tourist attraction not only for Duqm, but for the whole country.
If the garden is developed as a unique attractive landmark as it should be, then it will undoubtedly attract people from all over the world.
In fact, it will open doors for investment opportunities which could be discovered by investors and business people from the Sultanate and abroad.
It will also help in promoting and emphasising Oman’s status as a worldwide tourist destination by embracing one-of-its-kind tourist landmarks that attract visitors, researchers, geologists, scholars as well as other enthusiasts.
Hopefully, someday we will see the dream of having an attractive Rock Garden coming true where families, children and friends from the whole universe come to enjoy.
Encouraging you all to visit the Rock Garden and enjoy the magic of nature.


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