Rain offers relief from heat in Izki, Barka and Yanqul

A number of wilayats experienced varying amounts of rainfall on Saturday as a result of cloud formations over the Hajar mountains. A number of lamp posts collapsed due to strong winds that accompanied the rainfall along the Bahla-Ibri road. Heavy rain also disrupted the traffic movement on the road and caused some wadis to overflow.
Light to moderate rains were reported in the wilayats of Izki and Yanqul causing some wadis to overflow. The rain also increased the level of ground water and reduced the temperature.
The Wilayat of Barka experienced heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.
The Met office predicts fine weather to prevail on Saturday in most governorates. Cloudy conditions are expected in Al Wusta and Dhofar governorates with chances of low-level clouds in South Al Sharqiayah Governorate and much of the coast strip.