Public Prosecution warns of death penalty for arson

Muscat: Oman’s Public Prosecution said that intentionally setting fire to property (arson) owned by others is a crime punishable including imprisonment of five years.

If such acts endanger people’s lives, the penalty would be increased to 15 years of prison.

The penalty will include death or absolute (life) imprisonment if the incident leads to the death of a person under articles 154 and 156 of the Penal Code.

Public Service

Public Prosecution said that the court may, upon conviction for any crime or misdemeanor, can ask the defendant to to perform public service. If he fails to comply, he may order his imprisonment for up to one month under the Articles 57, 61 and 62 of the Penal Code.

Public Prosecution clarified that one can not avoid legal liability for ignorance of the laws.

Sharing data

Giving any information or data about you or your employer or home to any anonymous person through communication, social networking sites or any other means is a misuse.
Be sure to secure data.