Proposals to promote agriculture and tourism in Jabal Shams discussed

AL HAMRA: The Food and Water Security Committee at Majlis Ash’shura, chaired by Hilal bin Said al Yahya’ee, on Monday discussed several proposals to promote agriculture and tourism sectors in Jabal Shams in the Wilayat of Al Hamra, which is famous for being one of the unique tourist destinations. The meeting, which included the two members of the Municipal Council, shaikhs and dignitaries, stressed the importance of supporting aspects of production and water sources.

The Committee has earlier visited some villages in Jabal Shams during which it reviewed services and development needs to achieve the prospective sustainable development. The Committee also visited several sites that can be proclaimed or can be planned as residential, commercial or tourist layouts. Further, the Committee reviewed the agricultural villages and the grazing lands in Jabal Shams, as well as its villages, which produce field crops, such as high quality Omani fruits, citrus and garlic. — ONA