Pop star Marx helps subdue ‘dangerous’ plane passenger

SEOUL: American soft rock singer Richard Marx (pictured) helped subdue a “chaotic” and “dangerous” passenger who launched a lengthy, violent scuffle on board a Korean Air flight from Vietnam to South Korea, the singer said on his Twitter account.
Marx, along with fellow passengers and cabin crew, tried to restrain the unruly traveller with rope on the Tuesday flight, he said.
“Passenger next to us attacked passengers and crew. Crew completely ill trained,” Marx said.
The singer had been in Vietnam to sing at a Christmas concert at Hanoi’s Opera House this week. Photographs uploaded to an Instagram showed a man with thick-rimmed spectacles being held back by flight attendants on one side and Marx on the other.
One photo on Fuentes’s Instagram account showed a flight attendant aiming a stun gun at the passenger.
The man was handed over to police after the plane landed at Incheon airport in the South Korean capital, a spokesman for Korean Air said.
“The incident happened about an hour and 40 minutes after takeoff.”.
Marx described the incident as a “chaotic and dangerous event”, which cabin crew had been “completely ill-equipped to handle”. The cabin crew followed regulations and did not fire the stun gun for fear of injuring nearby passengers in the melee.
Fans of Marx expressed concern on Twitter for the 53-year-old’s safety.
“No big ‘hero’ move at all,” he responded. “Just did what I would hope anyone would do in same situation”. — Reuters