Oman’s unique beauty captured in digital ART



Noora, an Algerian tourist who came to Oman for a visit, stepped into the digital art exhibition room astonished.
She came to Oman to see the natural attractions but the quick tour of the headquarters of The Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) opened the door to a different kind of adventure.
Looking at the digital art pieces before her, she was all praise to the ability of the Omani artists who conveyed very well through their work the unique beauty and heritage of their country.
“Since I came to Oman, I try to visit such exhibitions because I want to know more about the Omani identity and culture. Knowing that Omani artists are good at art, I feel that my mind has been more opened about what the country is all about through these photos,” she shared.
Noora believes that Oman is one of the successful countries in the Middle East that promoted tourism very steadily to help avoid its dependence on oil. With Oman’s people being the country’s best ambassadors, participation to different international exhibitions by local artists allow them to communicate the beauty of the Sultanate to an even wider audience attracting foreigners at the same time to come visit.
The exhibition was a result of the annual competition run by OSFA every year that focuses on digital art. Considered as an emerging art that allows Omani youth to showcase their creativity, more than 60 artworks were curated to become part of the exhibition.
A committee with a number of specialists and academics was assigned to evaluate the entries and select the winning photos according to the conditions set for the competition.
The jury is consist of Wasim al Qorbi from Tunisia, Mohammed al Harthi and Saleh al Ruzaiqi from Oman — all lovers of the art and all respected in their field. They have a wide experience at contest arbitration and all of them work in the graphics and image design. They participated at the arbitration of many local and international contests previously.
Opened on November 5 under the patronage of Dr. Khalid al Saidi, Secretary-General of the State Council, the artworks of the exhibition include posters, digital painting, animation, Digital Calligraphy & Typography. Shaikha al Esaeia’s “Features of Oman” was declared the second place and Mahfoudha al Rashdia’s “Scent of Roses” was the third place winner.
With more than 60 artworks, OSFA considers this emerging art a window to reveal more of the creativity of Omani youth and tries to support and motivate their creativity through such competitions and awards.
The winners were awarded RO 600, RO 500 and RO 400 respectively and the honorary prize granted for expatriate participants is RO 400.
The main aim of the exhibit is to employ the intellectual and material Islamic and Omani legacy to display the Omani identity.
OSFA this year allocated one theme for all its annual exhibitions throughout the year which is to study the Omani civilization through the past eras until today including all the vibrant thoughts, art, and civilized aspects.
Through its annual exhibitions, OSFA aims to create fertile intellectual spaces that include various contemporary artistic experiences. Omani artists get the chance to highlight their abilities in line with the global artistic movement in various artistic fields, including cultural heritage.