Oman’s sea piracy-free, says CGP chief

Muscat: The Sultanate’s 3,000 coastline are safe and no piracy or armed robbery crimes have been reported at the Omani territorial sea in this year and the last year, sadi Colonel Engineer Ali al Miqbali, Commander of the Coast Guard Police (CGP).

Al Miqbali said the Royal Oman Police (ROP) General Command attaches great importance to achieving peace and eliminating maritime crimes in cooperation with the rest of the military and security forces through developing the Coast Guard Police and supplying it with qualified personnel, advanced vessels and other equipment.

The Coast Guard Police carried out more than 120 search and rescue operations with the majority of reports relating to boat engines breaking down or running out of fuel. CGP transferred 37 people to hospitals after falling sick while crossing Oman’s territorial sea. It also dealt with 5 maritime collisions and 8 ship fires, the CGP chief said.

The Royal Oman Police represented by CGP takes all necessary measures to curb smuggling. During the first half of this year the CGP managed to foil a number of attempts for smuggling drugs, liquor and diesel and rounded up 305 infiltrators. Al Miqbali said commending citizens for their cooperation with the police by reporting suspicious boats which helped greatly in curbing infiltration attempts.

Thirty-four drowning cases occurred in the first eight months of this year in which 23 people were rescued from drowning. Besides, CGP dealt with 10 instances of capsizing vessels and rescued all the crews who were on board, Al Miqbali said.

The chief of CGP advised the sea-goers to follow the updates on weather and sea condition to ensure their safety.

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