Omanis rolling up their sleeves in Duqm

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — As Duqm is currently undergoing several major infrastructure development projects, its future is really promising. All those projects will undoubtedly enrich the national economy and promote the Duqm economic zone as a key investment and tourist destination in Oman. With all the different opportunities of investment and development on offer, the area will be totally revamped to be another world-class unique attraction in the Sultanate. For that reason, local and foreign investors and businessmen are attracted to the zone.
What is certainly thrilling in what’s happening in Duqm is the remarkable contribution of young Omanis in the development process of Duqm. They are playing a major role in leading and managing some of the projects that are under construction in the area.
Being in the remote part of the country which is over 550 km from the capital Muscat is by itself a challenge.
Although there are some aspects of urban life in the city, but still it’s totally different from Muscat where people are used to be close to every element of modern life.
However, Omanis working in Duqm are sacrificing the luxuries and comforts; just for the sake of being part of the development process.
There is unlimited thrill and interest to play their role in helping the government accomplish this development plan of Duqm. The unmatched sense of pride of what they are doing there is all behind their dedication to work day and night striving to accomplish their mission successfully.
Salute to all Omanis working in Duqm and helping in getting the government plans accomplished in a way or another.
May Allah bless them all!
During a recent media orientation visit to Duqm, we met some of the young Omanis working on different projects in Duqm. They are harmoniously complementing one another and working in different fields and positions as organs of the same body. All are competing
towards achieving a common objective which is serving the nation and the people of Duqm.
While we were touring the area discovering the investment opportunities and potential projects with revenues to back up the national economy, we have been welcomed by young Omani (both men and women).
In view of Omanis playing their role in the nation-building process, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos said: “The success of the human experience is the result of constant endeavour, commitment, will and
a sense of responsibility. No nation can realise its goals unless its people work together to build its future and develop its potential.
“We are confident that all of you — both men and women — will play your part in developing and building up this Omani enterprise, reinforcing its roots and raising its structure.”
Everyone of us was thrilled with pride of our brothers and sisters who were there rolling up their sleeves.
They are sparing no effort to bring their best in delivering their tasks.
Despite the hot weather of the remote desert, they were all warmly welcoming us with an appealing smile.
Not only the employees, but even citizens of Duqm were full of warmth and humour.
It was really an exciting two-day experience discovering the area and business opportunities as well as being introduced to the distinguished investment and infrastructure projects in Duqm.
If truth to be told, what’s happening in Duqm is apparently reflecting the government’s development plans to make Duqm economic zone an unmatched investment destination in the world attracting foreign investors and businesses of different spheres.
Likewise, it mirrors the hard work and dedication of Omanis as well as their competence to lead such outstanding development plans and some first-of-its-kind infrastructure projects.
This proves how much competent and reliable Omanis are whenever and wherever are required.
All what young Omanis need is to be given confidence so they can show their excellence and hard work.
Omanis should never be undervalued; evidences of Omani leaders are obviously many in the market.
Thanks to His Majesty who accorded his trust on them since the early days of his reign as he called upon Omanis to shoulder the responsibility of the nation-building process with the government.


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