Omani Consulate urges citizens in Mumbai to be cautious

The Omani Consulate in Mumbai has urged citizens visiting the city to be cautious while in public places in Mumbai these days because due to some protests and demonstrations that have been reported in the city. The Consulate urged citizens to contact them if necessary on 009-12222876037/38

Thousands of people from the Dalit caste in India disrupted traffic and threw stones at buses in Mumbai on Tuesday as they protested against violence in a nearby city in which a man was killed.

The protest came a day after celebrations by Dalits in Pune, 150km from Mumbai, of the 200th anniversary of a battle they won, fighting alongside British colonial forces, against an upper caste ruler, were marred by clashes with right-wing groups.

Those clashes resulted in the death of a 28-year-old man, according to the Maharashtra government. It was not immediately clear which side the man was on.