Oman Embassy clarifies on trial delay in India

Muscat: Oman’s Embassy in India has clarified on the postponement of the hearing of the case involving Omani citizens in the city of Hyderabad to August 3.

“Any charges of negligence is unjustified and the government is well aware of the steps that are being taken on this issue. The last trial attended by one of the diplomats and the postponement till August 3 has its legal justification, which is a normal procedure.”

It may be noted that a delegation of Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC) in June had visited the citizens detained in India accompanied by the members of their families.

The OHRC delegation met with the prisoners and discussed with them their cases.

They also met with the law firm defending them and reviewed various aspects of the legal case.

OHRC said it continues to follow-up the case of the Omani citizens and its efforts resulted in the release of three nationals while five others are still in jail.