Nizwa Castle attracts large number of tourists during weekends

NIZWA, May 1 – During the current period, a large number of tourists visited Nizwa Castle, where various activities and events have taken place with the participation of the elderly craftsmen from various governorates of the Sultanate especially on weekends.
The castle highlighted the role of craftsmen who are still practicing many of the trades and professions they have passed on generation after generation, and for many of them, it has become economically profitable, especially with the attention received by the authorities.
The castle shows pottery, popular Omani dishes and other crafts and industries. It impressed visitors from tourists and residents who were keen to know the quality of these industries and how they derive their components from the Omani environment with their raw materials and resources then benefit from them and a source of livelihood.
Visitors to the castle expressed their satisfaction and delight in what they saw of the customs and traditions.
The artisans were very pleased with the encouragement and support. They were happy to participate in such activities. They were also happy with the attendance of visitors, tourists, university students, colleges, schools and the various sectors of the society, both citizens and residents.
The Ministry of Tourism recently reported that the total number of visitors to the castle during the period from 27 to 30 June, 2017, which coincided with Eid al Fitr holiday, was 1,900 visitors.
Residents know very well that visitors are more than ever before. Tourism and travel specialists expect tourism to double this year to Nizwa Castle, as it is one of the most important historical castles. It is considered a destination for many tourists due to its archaeological and historical value.