Mustang lovers help different groups through charity work

In an attempt to help others particularly those in need, one car enthusiast team in the country are making bold initiatives by encouraging their members to donate items or money and whatever is collected is handed to charity organisations.
Oman Mustanger Team founded in September of 2010, only started with four members: Ayman al Afari, Nooh al Zadjaali, Tareq al Wahaibi and this writer, have grown exponentially and now already have a total headcount of 50 members coming from different parts of the Sultanate.

Originally, the team’s creation was solely for the purpose of creating a platform where Mustang lovers can gather at an area and exchange ideas and passion. They can usually be found gathering in beaches, parks or other public areas raising awareness about the existence of the group. One of their aims is to correct the wrong notion that sports car lovers are risky and dangerous drivers which seemed to be the prevalent opinion among many people. What the team wanted to communicate is that being a Mustang owner also means being a responsible driver.
Now about 8-years old, as the team grew, the purpose of their meet-ups also expanded.
According to Al Afari, one of the founding members, what they currently do is cooperate with different charity teams. He said, “Our mission is to invite and collect donations from the team members and others to help people who might need it especially before Eid, Ramadan and school opening.”
He also shared that, “I am happy with our cooperation with some charitable organisations like the Spirit of Charity, Alwafa Charity Centre, KOSOW Orphans Group Charity Appeal among others.”
The charity cooperation started sometime in 2012 and as of late, they have been in constant contact with this very same organisation to further strengthen their cause.
The team does not have a particular criterion in helping charity organisations. How it works is that whichever the team members decide to help because they see the need for it, that’s when they make the decision to reach out for cooperation.
They also help members who are in need but are not exclusively limiting what they can do to charitable works.
As Al Afari said, “We also organise peaceful marches in different locations in Oman such as Muttrah, Qurayat, etc to raise awareness amongst other people about the existence of the group and thus encourage more members to participate and also strengthen the bonds among members who sometimes do not have time to see each other for quite a while.”
Other than connecting with Mustang lovers in Oman, the team also cross borders by participating in activities happening outside of the country. On November 26, 2017, the team organised a trip to the States of Bahrain and coordinated with other GCC Mustang team working under the motto, ‘We connect the brothers in the love of Mustang.”
This year, the team also plans to do it again and go to Bahrain for another cooperation.
“Also, we are going to invite other people to join us this year to widen the platform of social interaction,” Al Afari said.
The team does not have any headquarters and gatherings are often arranged through WhatsApp communication. For those interested to know more about the team, they can be contacted via their Instagram account oman_mustangers.