Municipal fees has not been imposed arbitrarily

Fees or taxes levied by municipalities has been a subject of discussion in the last few weeks that drew criticism as well as objections. Many press releases were issued and business meetings held on this matter. Shura Council too looked into the matter.
We thought these fees have been imposed because of administrative, technical and economic reasons. We all want the municipal work to improve in the interest of everyone. But it’s ironical we want all this almost free of cost.
These fees will inevitably return to citizens in the form of services they need urgently. This is the reason behind the imposition of fees.
We must be aware the current economic changes require that the fees of some services in the country are structured and reviewed periodically according to changing economic situations.
In view of the current situation, we have to be sure fees and taxes will inevitably come. They would include value added tax and others. This will happen if the economic situation in the region remains as it is. We should be prepared for such developments with a positive mind to be able to adapt to it and change our behaviour accordingly.
People who want to venture into business or start such activity should conduct a feasibility study to avoid potential losses so that they don’t go out of the market. We do not want them to make losses.
The fees are not mandatory. Only those who want to start any business activity have to pay the fees and not those who want to withdraw from the market quietly. We must all be aware. Those who are making a noise will be dealt with according to the law.
We should know if we look at the fees or taxes levied by municipalities in various other countries of the world, we will find they are higher than the fee or taxes that we pay here. These fees have never been increased here since the eighties.
We have to believe the fees imposed in commercial areas are nothing compared with the volume of the hidden trade, which is not benefiting citizens. So the hue and cry for one reason or the other cannot be compared with the cost of services being provided.
The imposition of fees or taxes at this time may look inappropriate for the above-mentioned reasons. But we can say that the municipal bodies have delayed their imposition as they did not find a more appropriate time than this.
Some people are of the view these fees would have an adverse effect on the market and weaken the purchasing power and liquidity. But it’s not true that they would hamper business and freeze movement in the market.
We all know that business activities of all kind are more than required in some aspects. If they are reduced, it would mean correction of the market and nothing more so that seriousness and quality is ensured.
There are some people who could be exempted from these fees, like entrepreneurs who are working on their own and making sacrifices for adopting independent business.
We hope we would be more positive, more aware of the changes taking place around us and the conditions we are living in. We have to bear the tax, there is no way out. This is one of the sacrifices we have to make for our homeland. When we discuss these subjects, we need to keep this aspect in our mind.
We hope the members of Shura Council and entrepreneurs who have the wisdom would show their wisdom and not ride on the wave like others. It is their duty to explain the nature of these fees and taxes, their necessity and benefits without any exaggeration.