Motorists, make sure glass tint doesn’t exceed 30 pc

MUSCAT, July 14 – With the temperatures rising, motorists have increasingly resorted to using sun tinting films — some of which exceed the norms — in their vehicles. Article 33 of the Royal Decree No 28/93 on traffic laws says that the use of a film that affects the transparency of glass and reduces vision by more than 30 per cent is illegal. “Tinting should provide protection from the sun, but not compromise on the driver’s identification,” it says.
According to the Royal Oman Police (ROP), studies have shown that ‘over-tinting’ is responsible for several serious road accidents as it hampers the driver’s vision, especially at night.
The view through side mirrors is also affected.
Additions like the reflective coloured window, coloured tinted glass exceeding 30 per cent, extra lights, high visibility reflective strips, curtains, or anything that hampers the visibility, are not allowed.
Abdulrahman al Mamari changed the sun film in his car two weeks ago to 35 per cent because he can’t stand the sun hitting on his face, especially that he drives long distances every day.
“By sunset, the sun comes down to a level that hampers vision. I had to put a film with a 5-per cent tint on the windshield which I plan to remove in winter,” he added.
ROP has warned it has intensified patrolling and crackdowns on offenders this summer.
Offenders will have to pay a fine of RO 10.

Mai al Abria