Mosques overflow on last Friday of Ramadhan

Believers flocked to masjids across Sultanate for special prayers on the last Friday of Ramadhan and in most mosques, people had to pray outside the main halls due to paucity of space. People started pouring for the mid noon prayer well even before 11am to secure places close to Mihrab (the elevated place where the Imam delivers sermons as part of the prayers).  Prophet Mohammed (May Peace and Allah’s Blessings be Upon Him) has aptly said, “Fast when they fast, end the fast when they end theirs, and sacrifice the day that they sacrifice.”

Imams of various mosques urged the people the need to maintain peace and tranquility of the world with the lessons learnt from the holy month.
“World peace and tranquility, respecting others’ views and ideas are of paramount importance in today’s world and it is the responsibility of every individual. Tolerance and mutual understanding with your brothers from different castes, creeds is the need of the hour and everyone should work towards that”, an imam in a sermon said.
The last Friday also marked the end of Ramadhan, the month that trained people how to live the rest of the year before the return of the same.
“The real messages embodied in Ramadhan are of piety, caring and sharing for the needy”, says Najeeb Cheriyakath, Managing Director SHIPCO Oman and Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman.
“The importance of Ramadhan is primarily the revelation of the Holy verses of Quran and the ‘Powerful Night’ of the final part of this month. The month has all lessons on what we should do as human beings to fellow beings but sadly not in practise mostly”, Najeeb adds.
Islam means complete submission to the Will of Allah, and there is no ‘but’, ‘if’ or ‘else’. Once you have declared yourself a Muslim then you have to abide by the Commands of Allah and Rasulallah (PBUH), especially when the commands are very clear and unambiguous.
“The Eid al Fitr for a Muslim is a happy moment which he or she can celebrate only after feeding the hungry by donating food the night before!! Caring and Sharing for fellow human beings must be the virtue”, he said.