Military education from next year

By Zainab Al Nasseri — MUSCAT: Feb. 21 – Military education will be introduced from next academic year, officials from the Ministry
of Education (MoE) said on Tuesday. The officials, hosted by Education and Scientific Research Committee in the Shura Council, spoke about the importance of military programme, its mission and its targeted groups. They explained the programme’s goals and influence in sharpening students’ skills and discipline in their daily behaviour. They said military education will enhance the “citizenship spirit”. “The ministry has formed a committee comprising  officials from different agencies, including military entities, to determine the programme’s framework.” The talks were part of the committee’s fifth meeting of the second annual sitting (2016-17) presided over by Khalid bin Yahya al Farei. The officials, headed by the ministry’s adviser and director-general of curriculum development, said inputs for the programme are being developed by the MoE keeping in view developments in the field. Members of the Shura Council, on the other hand, suggested that the military programme be made mandatory for all students in schools, colleges and professional institutions.