McDonald’s slims down Happy Meal by banishing cheeseburgers

McDonald’s will no longer list cheeseburgers and chocolate milk on its Happy Meal menu as the fast-food giant attempts to shed its junk food image.
Beginning in June in the US, only hamburgers or chicken McNuggets(four or six piece) will be posted as main item choices in the beloved kids’ meals that features a toy hidden inside. Cheeseburgers and chocolate milk will only be available as a special request, the company said Thursday. McDonald’s also announced that small French fries will be replaced by a kids’ sized serving, and that bottled water will soon be added as a featured Happy Meal beverage.

The iconic US burger chain has been pushing to make Happy Meals healthier amid mounting concern over the impact of its food on children. Apple slices were added in 2011 and soda was done away with two years later. McDonald’s said that with the forthcoming changes there will be, on average, a 20-per-cent reduction in calories and a 50-per-cent cut in added sugars. The company said it is working to improve the nutrition of its food for both kids and adults around the world. Julia Braun, the head of Global Nutrition at McDonald’s, wrote on Medium that new healthy additions to its menus include “cherry tomatoes in the Netherlands, pineapple in Spain, carrots in Russia,side salad in Germany and corn cups in Taiwan.” — DPA