Majlis Ash’shura to host Al Toobi on May 27, 28

MUSCAT: Majlis Ash’shura will host Mohammed bin Salim al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs, on May 27-28 to deliver the ministry’s statement. Shaikh Ali bin Nasser al Mahrouqi, Secretary-General of Majlis Ash’shura, said that the statement of the ministry will include six main themes. The first theme will focus on the main features of the environmental sectors in the Sultanate, the active partners in the environmental work system, the responsibilities of each party, the roles of the ministry in developing general policies, plans and programme for the protection of environment, the challenges facing the ministry and its aspirations.
The second theme will cover training and rehabilitation of national manpower in terms of the training courses implemented by the ministry. The third theme will touch on the legal frameworks for cooperation with research organisations involved in environmental work. The fourth theme will shed light on the role of the ministry in granting the environmental licences as well as its efforts in the legislative process. The fifth theme will cover the criteria adopted by the ministry for joining the international conventions and the regional organisations involved in environment and climate affairs, as well as the benefit of such agreements.
The sixth theme will highlight the ministry’s efforts to promote environmental awareness and the initiatives launched by the ministry to deliver awareness messages to encourage all segments of the society to take part in the environmental activities. The theme will also cover the ministry’s efforts with relation to environmental media. “The public can attend the two sessions with prior coordination with the Secretariat General of Majlis Ash’shura”, Shaikh Al Mahrouqi explained. — ONA