Majlis Ash’shura meet debates tax on select goods

Muscat, June 19 – Majlis Ash’shura members on Tuesday discussed imposition of tax on select goods, amendment of Article 4 of residence law for foreigners and the amendment of social housing law. At the 24th regular session of third annual sitting (2017-2018) of the eighth term, Shaikh Nasser bin Ali al Mahrooqi, Secretary-General of the council, said the council also discussed the establishment of pilot gas stations in the various wilayats.
The members discussed the establishment of a centre for measuring performance promptness and quality assurance in government agencies.
They reviewed three studies conducted by the council’s committees. They include the study of Youth and Human Resources Committee on empowerment of Omani youth to contribute to sustainable development, study on information and culture on investment at heritage sites, and study of education and scientific research and its impact on scientific research movement in the Sultanate.
Al Mahrooqi said the council discussed draft law regulating practice of medicine and paramedical professions. It also discussed a draft law on the unified system regulating activity of companies and private institutions operating in the field of urgent mail and parcels of GCC countries.
The members viewed some ministerial responses to a number of parliamentary questions, which are some of ‘supervisory tools’ granted to them under legislative and supervisory powers of the council.
The Majlis Ash’shura meeting held its 24th session of the third annual sitting of the 8th term and approved the Education and Scientific Research Committee study on revising the scientific research funding policies and their effect on the scientific research.
The study aimed at studying the challenges related to expenditure on the national system for scientific research compared with other countries of the region and the advanced countries.
The study pointed out to the low number of researchers in the Sultanate, the full dedication issue and the lack of funded researches compared to financial allocations.
The meeting also approved the Youth and Human Resources Committee on enabling the Omani youths to contribute to the sustainable development. The report of the study was read by Mohammed bin Salem al Busaidy, head and rapporteur of the committee. The study is important as it highlighted the aspirations and needs of the Omani youths.
Majlis Ash’shura will hold its 25th session today to discuss the items listed on the agenda including discussing and approving the draft law of taxes on selected goods and the study of the media and culture committee on investment at the cultural sites.

Zainab al Nassri