Mahout A birds’ Paradise

The Sultanate’s terrains are distinguished for their natural beauty and birds and history. The Wilayat of Mahout is located in Al Wusta Governorate and borders Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi from north, Adam from north-west, Al Duqm from south-west and Jaalan Bani Bu Ali from north-east.
The wilayat comprises 32 villages stretched across the area which are: Haj, Al Joba, Al Sail, Sirab, Al Najda, Al Khalouf, Mdaira, Sadaira and others.
The wilayat includes three islands which are Mahout, Al Rrak and Aab. The Mahout island houses mangrove trees, Aab is home to sea birds like seagull, Snowy Egret and flamingo. The wilayat is stretched along many coasts. No wonder that Mahout is a popular fishing spot with its expansive seafront with white sand and a haven for sea gulls and other birds. The wilayat stretches along main coasts that are Bar Al Hakaman, Al Khalouf, Ras Al Azakher and Ras Khabbat Sirab. It is endowed with a natural appeal that makes it a potential tourist destination in its own right. Tourists already flock to the tranquil beaches, which provide ideal settings for camping and leisure.
Mahout is also well-known for wadis like Al Joubah, Madirah and Al Sail. A new road network connecting Mahout’s coastal villages and its tourist attractions with other wilayats will contribute greatly to the growth of tourism in the area.