Learning never stops while having fun

915787Kabeer Yousuf –
MUSCAT, Feb 1 –

While a majority of the activities at the two Muscat Festival venues focus on entertainment a substantial amount of area is dedicated to learning while having fun, besides mirroring the tradition and culture of the country for the young generation.
The Muscat Municipality, organisers of the 24 days’ cultural fiesta, in association with various intellectual bodies such as the Cultural Club, the Omani Society for Writers and Literati, Oman Economic Association, Omani Forum for Female Gulf Photographers, The Photographic Society of Oman, and Omani Narratives Laboratory has arranged a plethora of programmes for the youth to learn about the country, their heritage and the world around them.
And underlining the various knowledge-based initiative of the organisers, large crowds are gathered in front of these pavilions just as other pavilions are packed with the visitors as the Festival of Cultures entered third week since its beginning on January 19.
The various cultural events lined up as part of the Fest include The Sculpted ‘Oman is the Land of Peace’ presented by Ayoub al Balushi, and Kholoud al Shaebyia; lecture on Risk aversion or Productive enhancement” by Dr Khalid al Mamari; an evening for the poet Al Sheikh Hilal bin Hamoud al Siyabi by Dr Saeed bin Sulaiman al Isaee, Ahmed bin Abdullah al Falahi and Dr Saeeda bint Khater al Farsi; and an evening of stories by Nouf al Saedeya, Abdulaziz al Rahbi, Maryam al Adawya, Mohamed al Zarafi and Al Khatab al Mazroui, among others. Eminent regional thinkers and other intellectuals such as Dr Abdulkarim al Lawati, Dr Khalid al Zadjali, Rahima al Jabri, and Bushra al Wahibeya will liven up the evenings at the cultural arena.
An Evening of Stories will be presented by Nouf al Saedeya, Abdulaziz al Rahbi, Maryam al Adawya and Mohamed al Zarafi while a lecture and exhibition titled ‘The history of Omani Ships’ was presented by prominent researcher Hamoud al Ghelani. A critic symposium titled ‘The reality of Omani Novel: the Artistic, Social and Historical’ is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 26 at the headquarters of the Omani Society for Writers and Literati.
Oman Oil Company (OOC), the Government’s investment arm in the energy related sectors, in cooperation with a number of its subsidiaries and affiliates, has set an ‘Edutainment Center’ at Amerat Park providing visitors and their children with key valuable information about Oil and Gas industry and other concerned sectors as well as OOC’s investments in an inspirational learning environment.
The company’s edutainment centre highlights OOC’s contribution, alongside other supportive companies of its Group, to programmes and activities of the largest entertainment and cultural event in the Sultanate. The centre intends to sustaining knowledge aspects of the kids in particular, providing them with examples of various scientific models in exciting and innovative methods.
Yet another feature of this year’s ‘Carnival of Cultures’ is that a new awakening among the private entities is lightening up the activities of the festival. Numerous private companies have come forward to support the festival.
Managed and facilitated by a specialised company in conducting edutainment exhibitions which has been carefully selected to maintain and promote kids’ education in an entertaining atmosphere, the exhibition is daily open to public from 6 to 10 pm and will last till the end of the Festival.