Knowing thyself key to self-improvement

The uniqueness of a person is a brand in itself. Those who are able to identify this are successful, while others end up following the beaten tracks and get lost in run-of-the-mill businesses without understanding their hidden strengths and weaknesses. It is, therefore, important to identify one’s own brand to reap the fruits of success. Dr Wilfred Blessing N R, Chairman of Student Development Committee and IT Student Club at Salalah College of Technology, called upon the students to understand their personal uniqueness to realise their individuality at a personality development talk titled ‘Who am I?’
“All the people living in the universe are unique in respect of their physical appearance, skills, behaviour, attitude, wealth, education, desires and interests.
Several problems of youth can be restricted through self-awareness,” he said.
Dr Wilfred cited ‘Johari Window’ self-assessment model, a technique to understand people’s relationship with themselves and others.
He emphasised on ‘self-esteem’, which gives a sense of personal ability that provides the knowledge of personal value.“Through this understanding, a student could be able to accept himself and can start loving himself physically and internally even when he is with some weaknesses and negative thoughts.”
Personality evaluation of a person, according to him, should be done on the basis of five dimensions known as physical self, energy self, intellectual self, mental self and blissful self.
The students were in a position to comprehend that any analysis based only on physical appearance is not complete.
Dr Wilfred also touched upon the importance of adolescence stage and teen age in addition to the challenges and risk factors faced by students in their daily life.
He was successful in convincing the young minds that during this stage of life many skills would be cultured, as this is the best stage for human memory.
Among the individual human weaknesses, his stress was on inferiority complex, a psychological problem, faced by some students and said, “Other than the organ inferiority, psychological inferiority occupies most of the students’ mind.”
He demonstrated the views and suggestions of famous philosophies to get rid of inferiority complex.“Self-confidence is the realistic belief and tool to achieve success.
Equally important are the skills of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ)…”
EQ, which comprises thoughts and feelings, occupies 80 per cent and IQ occupies 20 per cent for a successful life. Emotional management, proper measures to expressing emotions, steps to develop high self-esteem and improving professional manners are the other core topics presented in this prime session.
A box game, balloon philosophy and pencil philosophy were revealed to analyse the students’ self-esteem.
Dr Fatima Abdullah Said al Shanfari, Member of Student Development Committee, emphasised on raising efficiency and inculcating team building skills ‘building a pyramid’ exercise and was able to impress upon the students that “winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently.”

Kaushalendra Singh