Inspiring women

Running your own business is no piece of cake, neither is raising a family. A friend of mine, is a mother of six who is known for having an online business here in the UK.
On it, she gives advice and helps mothers and entrepreneurs manage their home, careers and life all at the same time. She has no nanny, she gets up at the crack of dawn, is the mother – takes them to school, she has no driver as she is the driver, then she works and then picks them up and returns to being a mother.
I have one child and I think that’s tiring enough, so excuses aside, we are really capable of things if we put our minds to it and believe.
The gender pay gap in the UK, currently at 18.1%, is having a direct impact on women’s ability to put money aside and invest in their future.
In a recent report that she told me about, it is mentioned that women are more likely to be paid less and not receive bonuses as well as progress to the highest positions in the organisation they are working in.
Women like my friend have tough commitments with juggling both home and work together. These plus other factors combined all together results to women receiving much lower pensions (which is a whole different topic). But working conditions and the benefits were the driving reasons why she decided to go solo and have and run her own business.
In Muscat, when I worked, I always felt a balance within the working environment between female and male employees.
Don’t get me wrong, the families that I knew out there that had help and support from nannies allowed them to go to work and earn and have more time for themselves.
For me, this was never an option, so I quit my job. But then I started working on my own business, my books. Though I wasn’t earning at the time, the hardwork eventually paid off, but it did mean me leaving and coming back here to the UK and giving up my radio career that I worked so hard at creating and making for myself. But then on the flip side of that, it paved the way for my new adventure and career in books.
My friend really put things into perspective though, looking after six children and achieving and fulfilling her dreams with work. You really do have to bag up the excuses and doubts and go for it.
Don’t get me wrong, even if they are valid excuses to do with career development, personal struggles, health issues managing your family home and work together, believing in yourself and you can make it happen.
If you are planning to work from home – establishing the work space is important, so trying to set up an office type work environment to help set boundaries for both yourself and your family.
Setting up a routine is very crucial while working from home because you have more flexibility in taking breaks or if there is an emergency. Make sure everyday is planned and have a set schedule – don’t deviate from it. Stay away from the TV and phone.
So, if you have an idea, run with it and see where it goes! Be inspired! You can do it!

By Sayeh Woodman