A huge tree that gave shade to thousands

Muscat, July 4 –

Both citizens and the expatriate Indian community in Oman paid tribute to M A K Shajahan, a social worker who died in a road accident in his hometown last week.
Shajahan, who represented the Indian Embassy as honorary consul in the region, brought to the notice of the Indian Embassy, Royal Oman Police (ROP) and other authorities, issues related to expats and got them resolved.
“The loss of Shajahan is irreparable to not only those living in Sharqiyah but to all humans for he never distinguished people who were in need before he extended his helping hand to them,” Indramani Pandey, Indian Ambassador to Oman, noted.
V K Hamza Abbas, Chief Editor of Gulf Madhyamam, said: “We have lost a forerunner of our organisation. A good soul, he was the key force behind the paper.”
Shaiju Salahuddin, Head of Marketing at the Gulf Madhyamam Bureau, and other members of the newspaper, called him a “spotless personality”. “We’ll miss him.”
As a social worker and prominent businessman who spoke fluent Arabic, Shajahan was highly respected by both Omani officials as well as the who’s who in the Indian community circles.
“He served the Indian community in different capacities and he will be remembered by all who know him,” said C M Najeeb, one of his close acquaintances and head of Shipco Oman.
He served two terms at the Indian School Management Committee as its president.
Tony G Alexander, former chairman of the board of directors of Indian Schools, expressing grief over the demise of Shajahan, recalled the proactive steps taken by Shajahan when he was at the helm of Affairs of Indian School in Sur.
His firm, Al Hareeb Building Materials Company, which was established in 1995 in Sur, is today one of the largest such companies in the region. Ramdas, President of CMYF, an association of people from the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, said Shajahan had provided “selfless service” to the people of the community.
Shinoj K Shamsudeen, senior journalist at MediaOne TV channel in Dubai, remembers him as a “huge banyan that gave shade to thousands of people who had problems”.