French Week celebrations from March 14-21

The French Embassy in Muscat has unveiled the programmes for the Oman French Week from March 14-21. The Week starts with the opening cocktail gathering of guests at the embassy followed by a sequence of French dinner and lunch meetings in a number of reputable restaurants like Intercontinental, Sundus Rotana, La Brasserie, Crowne Plaza, Angelina, Paul, Ibis and Hormuz, throughout the Week.
It is the biggest food event with about 27 sponsors and partners involved. The event will be annually organised with a different theme each year and it also takes place in 50 other countries around the world to promote the French food and culture.
Along with bringing together lots of different corporations in the cuisine field, this event mixes pleasure, business, education and culture in one platform. The event shows that food is taken seriously in the French culture, in terms of quality and quantity.
A group of baking and cooking workshops will be held in the Sultan School and the French School (LFM) to teach children the skills and techniques used in the French cuisine. Many Omani growing chefs will participate in the cooking process in different restaurants.
There will be around 100 new French products exhibited in the market, brought from France, especially for this event and it will be a new addition to the Omani cuisine.
The French ambassador said the food is the best way to bring people together and through this event, we are planning to involve the Omani community in the French culture starting with food, and followed by different themes in the coming years.