Floral ‘jewellery’ at bridal show

HCF_6146-(2)By Liju Cherian — The most stunning piece of floral ‘jewelry’ that Muscat residents have not ever seen will be unveiled by a Master Floral Designer. Narayano Vrolijks from the Netherlands will hold the centrestage during the upcoming Oman Bride Show 2017 being held next week at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. He has planned quite a few ‘floral tricks’ up his sleeve for the fashion show which he will be hosting. Though the designer is not revealing himself, he provides a glimpse saying it will feature Cymbidium Orchids in Yellow and Aspargus Meiery greenery.
On the runway show, Narayano will flaunt an unusual selection of wedding bouquets. He will also be designing some special wedding bouquets exclusively for the show of Lebanese designer Walid Attalah.
Narayano calls it ‘floral jewelry’ as according to him any decoration worn on the body is a form of jewelry. Providing a sneak preview for Observer prior to the main event, the surprise element being you will not be able to see any flowers as such. So the effect will be very surprising when it is completed and raise the wow factor at the catwalk.
Creations of the Coryllus Avelana Contorta (wood), and curly Hazelnut tree, will be the other surprises in store at the runway show. There will also be a variation on a classical round bouquet with roses, adding the beautiful purple Anthurium Previa, which suddenly becomes modern and unique floral design giving that ‘special something’ for the bride. Not to mention the special bouquet using bright Fushia roses, Rolay Blue and Violet Mitsumata Wood.
Narayano who runs the Ultimate Planner Trading in Qurum has chosen to participate in the Oman Bride Show as a Diamond Sponsor, and decorate a large display, to be able to show as many different aspects of the use of flowers and floral decoration, for wedding celebrations.
Their display will be the largest stand in the exhibition and are proud to showcase their works which challenges them to show the best a couple can get in the floral field during their wedding in Oman.
CNarayano plans to showcase not only European designs, but also a fusion of different ideas and styles that have formed his way of looking at flowers and design. As a floral designer who has been working in different regions around the world over the past 38 years, he has been able to analyse Arabic and Omani influences in the field. As an artist, he is influenced by what he sees around him and by what other people does.  But, he emphasizes, that he will however, give his own interpretations to it.
Narayano has found some growers in Holland and other countries, who have offered to sponsor the Bride Show through supplying them with some free flowers in really special varieties. These include different types of Orchids, Tulips, Liliums, but also a vast selection of roses for example.
He says there is huge potential on the wedding scene in Oman, as, now quite a few of the Omani couples go abroad to Dubai or Abu Dhabi to find the decorations they like. “At the Oman Bride Show, we want to show them, that all they would want, and more, is available in Oman, and we will be able to give them unique and unusual designs that they have never ever seen before in the Sultanate.”
Since this exhibition is the first one of its kind and scale in Oman, Ultimate Planner expects that the interest in it will be very big, and that many people will come and to visit. “For us to be there is vital, so that all of these people will come to know about Ultimate Planner and see what we do and have to offer,” he points out.
However, Narayano admits that changing the scene and making people aware of the vast array of possibilities in floral design, takes time, and the Show will help in a big way to create further momentum in addition to what they have already done. “The way people look at weddings and floral design is bound to change and grow, as people travel abroad and see what is happening in other countries. They bring these ideas back to Oman. As I do as well, so it all becomes available in the Sultanate.”
Round-bouquet-with-rosesHowever, he sees no hindrances towards importing flowers and plants from Holland “As far as I am aware, there are no limitations on any type of flower or plant to be imported into the Sultanate from Holland. The only restriction is on plants of the Palm tree family. These are not allowed, as the Sultanate needs to protect its date palm cultivation from outside disease. He admits that Holland is the most professional country in the world with regard to exporting flowers and plants, and our laws regarding checking plant health are very strict, so any plants that would be imported from Holland have to be 100 per cent healthy.
After Ultimate Planner opened in March 2016, they have been making ourselves known in the market. They have also been involved in different functions and events, such as the Signature Couture Show and launch of the Jaguar F-Pace at the Al Bustan Hotel in May.
Some of their accomplishments are the decorations during the opening of the new Burjeel Hospital in Al Khuwair, an exhibition at Bait al Zubair organised by the Royal Netherlands Embassy under Barbara Joziasse, Dutch Ambassador to the Sultanate, and an exhibition to celebrate Europe Day.
Ultimate Planner has also conceptualised and executed the floral designs for many small private functions and dinner parties. Narayano has also been involved with interior decoration of new houses where they work together with the interior designer and make suggestions on decorations with indoor plants, silk flowers and plants, and some specially designed floral art pieces.