Fifa looking at player behaviour: Van Basten

LONDON: Fifa is thinking about introducing new measures to improve player behaviour towards match officials, chief officer for technical development Marco van Basten revealed on Saturday. The former Netherlands striker and manager says football’s world governing body could follow the lead of rugby union, in which only team captains are allowed to speak to referees. “There are a lot of players now who are complaining during a game,” Van Basten told the BBC. “I am sure the behaviour of the players can be better. We are thinking about putting it back in the right direction.” Asked if football could learn from rugby, Van Basten said: “I think we can learn from every sport and they can learn from us, but we have to confront the problem.”
He added: “This is what we have to do to help the referees. We try to make a good product — dynamic, exciting — but in the end also honest. “There’s a lot of emotion in the game and that’s what’s good, but we have to control it also.” — AFP