Eyeing a global brand

Whenever we want a cake, we either head to the nearest cake shop or a mall. So how about baking a cake at home or learning how to make one? Well, meet Alia al Mamari, a professional trainer and cake designer, who holds courses both within and outside Oman on how to make delicious and attractive cakes. In less than a year, she has held more than 50 courses for different age groups, including children, teenagers and women, on making different types of cakes. It all began in 2011 when “my mom pushed me into choosing a bright future for myself”.

“I knew my interest lay in making cakes. I decided I would make a name for myself for being innovative,” said Alia.
According to her, the craft (the art of making cakes) does not have an expiry date since “learning is a continuous process”. It evolves and grows whenever there is determination and innovation.”
Soon, she found herself immersed in the craft of cake-making.
Like many people, Alia was introduced to the craft by her mother. “Some of my most treasured moments are of scooping fairy cake mixture into little paper cases, dipping my fingers into the melted chocolate icing and the satisfaction of eating misshaped creations.”
Talking about her inspiration, she says she always looks for innovation when making cakes. “What motivates me is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that I see on participants’ faces.”
She has undertaken several international courses in professional cake-making in Oman as well as outside Oman. With the support of her husband, she has continued to train women and children.
What makes her unique is she is always ready to design and translate ideas into reality. She had a dream, which has now become reality. It includes making cakes as well as training women and children in Oman and abroad.
She just returned from the UAE, where she was invited to conduct a training programme for children. “I feel proud that as an Omani cake designer and trainer, I am able to hold such programmes inside and outside Oman.”
Asked about her future plans, she said: “I want to have my own brand at the international level. Maybe in future, I will set up a professional institute to help people learn the art of making cake in Oman.”

Siham al Saidi