Explore Al Khanadik via a wadi

With the mercury levels hovering around 16 degrees Celsius, it’s the right season to explore the ‘Trench Area’, which goes by the name Al Khanadik. A tailor-made spot for trekkers, many of them descend on the site via the Wadi Al Hoqain, which offers a close view of life across the date farms, by canoeing through the wadi.

The ‘wadi expedition’ offers a great opportunity to see the plantations and tiny villages along the edges of the mountains. One can also see locals harvesting different types of fruits along the journey and then heading to Al Rustaq for selling them.
Visitors come across crystal-clear pools of water during their expedition. The trench area, a reservoir of fresh water, has high edges (40 metres), from where one gets a view of the depth of the wadi.
This exploration, which takes about one hour, leads visitors to farms built on terraces in a valley. These terraces are managed by local farmers who use the Al Aflaj irrigation system. The site offers visitors the right environment for refreshing themselves after a long and tiring journey.
During an expedition, the locals told the Observer they were pleased to share with the visitors information relating to the site. They also felt the Ministry of Tourism should install signboards at various places to warn visitors against swimming or diving in the deep pools as they are sharp and rocky.
“The signboards should also advise tourists to dress up properly when swimming at the place,” they said. Many locals said many fatalities have occurred at the place due to flash floods. “Many tourists visit the place, but they do not have adequate information about the weather conditions here,” they said.
“Since there is no rescue team in the area, visitors should have enough knowledge before they set off on their expedition. They should carry first-aid tools in order to handle emergencies,” they said.