Expats told to stop hiring illegal domestic workers


The Ministry of Manpower has urged all, including the expatriate community, not to hire illegal workers as a house cleaner, gardener and car cleaners as such gestures Oman’s social and economic development.

The ministry said the foreign manpower has played an important role in the development of Oman and as sought its help in fight against illegal labour.

The ministry said its inspectors operate 24/7 across Oman and any illegal labour operations should be reported on 80077000.

MoM added that there is lack of awareness on the laws and procedures related to illegal labour and would like to brief the expatriate community on the matter as it impacts all, including the expatriates who live, work and contribute to Oman’s development.
MoM said around 20,000 illegal workers are arrested each year for labour violations, which consumes government resources that could be put to use elsewhere and undermines efforts to develop Oman’s economy.

It said that the most instances of illegal labour arise as companies set to sell employment visas to those who wish to work in Oman in the black market. The current penalties for labour market violations are:

Labour sponsor: Fine of RO1,000-RO2,000 and ban from using MoM services for two years.

Employer of illegal worker: Fine of RO1,000-RO2,000 and ban from using MoM services for two years plus deportation flight costs.

Illegal workers are fined up to RO800 and also deported and banned from working in Oman.

The ministry said that to avoid paying penalties many sponsors report illegal workers as runaways or absconders. To avoid this MoM’s online reporting system seeks proof of workplace or office rental agreement, municipality license and salary transfers.

Companies with these documents will be not fined or investigated in the case of an absconding worker.