Engineering dept of CAS Sohar organises visit to Oman Gas Company

SOHAR: The engineering department and the career counselling and students centre organised a visit to Oman Gas Company in Al Buraimi Governorate under the supervision of Dr Abdulalsaleem Sheikh and Ahmed al Mamari. This visit was organised as a part of the strategic plan of Colleges of Applied Sciences that aims to improve the relation with the industrial sector as well as enhance students’ knowledge about the applications of electrical engineering in the practical side. It also aims to link the theoretical and practical side together. The plan of the company is to raise the gas pressure that comes from Qatar through a connecting pipeline between Qatar and Sohar Port.

The company staff started the orientation programme by giving a brief overview about the work in the company. This was followed by highlighting the security and safety measures followed in the company. After that, the students were taken around the station to see the different parts of the company and their functions. This station contains gas compressor, combustion and the other parts. Then the students were taken to identify the electric station that feeds the gas compression station. This station receives two electrical lines effort 11 KV  which is then minimised to 415V to be usable in the station. At the end of the visit, some engineers explained the control system used by the company.