Drawing inspiration from real life events

People from different walks of life also have different ways of preserving their childhood memories. For some, they do it by keeping photos. Others remember them through tales they’ve memorised very well. For artists, there’s always a fancier way of keeping the glamour of the past alive.

For artist Iman al Katri, her childhood memories were happy ones and she has best memories of the beauty of Cinderella and was charmed by anime characters like Sally and Sandy bell. She was so fond of them she never quit drawing their characters even to the present.
Iman is an emerging Omani artist whose passion is in oil painting. She fell in love with this medium since she was a child. Her love for it led her to continuing her art educationin SQU in 2013 and with burning creative desire, prompted her to join many art exhibitions, the last one being in 2016 held at the Avenues Mall in Muscat.
“The Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is my model in this area of creativity and I truly like the way he shows light and shade in a way fitting with the subject of his painting. An example of this is his 1642 painting called ‘The Night Watch’. It is a group portrait of a militia company in which the artist played with the light and shade techniques very carefully.”
“Of the many paintings, I still like the painting of the girl who tries to set herself free of all the constrains around her,” Iman said.
“Classic works of arts had always captured my attention. When you mix classic art with oil painting, you end up with a charming piece like the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gogh and the Omani artist Dawood al Shibli,” she explained.
Asked where she gets her inspiration for her works, Iman said that “life itself is my source of inspiration. I can find love and beauty in all details of life. Even the mountains, the skies, the sands and all inanimate objects can touch something inside of me. However, in most of my drawings, I love to show the Omani environment and sometimes I highlight some humanitarian issues like refugees’ cases.”
Having been in the art scene for a while, Iman commented that she is quite satisfied with the progress the Omani artist is gaining both locally and internationally.
“The credit goes back to the master of peace, His Majesty, who gave great attention to this field. My next target is to participate internationally at any exhibition,” she shared.

Mai Al Abria