Disney nails free-roaming wireless power delivery

Disney Research has created a prototype of a living room which houses a technology that provides wireless charging. It is capable of delivering wireless power to smartphones, fans and other devices present inside the room. Disney Research, touted to deliver scientific and technological innovation, has created a prototype of a room. This prototype is capable of providing ubiquitous wireless charging to all the devices present in the room.
Disney’s living room system deploys an entire room’s ceiling and walls with aluminium panels and a long copper pole is placed in the centre of the room, containing a ring of capacitors. This distribution ensures that the room is uniformly filled with a magnetic field.
The capacitors in the copper pole are connected to a single generator present outside the room and it releases a tone at a specific frequency. Researchers revealed that the system operates with a technology, called quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR), capable of generating a magnetic field.
A room fitted with such technology would be able to simultaneously charge several devices, such as smartphones, lamps, fans, and an RC car, regardless of their position inside the room.
Moreover, with this tech in hand, one can potentially charge their devices even when they are several feet away from the charging point. This development is far superior to the wireless charging mats which are currently available in the markets. Disney Research reported that several tests were conducted with the prototype, and revealed that the technology is capable of delivering power to small coil receivers in virtually any position in the prototype room.
Incidentally, the power would not be obstructed by any furniture in the room. Per the location of the object in the room, researchers estimated the efficiency level to be between 40 and 95 per cent.
The technology is still in the nascent stages and would need a lot of fine tuning before it can be mass produced for consumer use.
The researchers have stated that it is best to remain at least 0.46 metres away from the copper pole, as the human body is not capable of absorbing harmful levels of energy.
Moreover, they have to disconnect the prototype if not being used. Why? As it would be harmful to continuously use it since the power is stored in the room.