Consumers told to be aware of what they are consuming

MUSCAT: The 18th Arab Consumer Union (ACU) Forum began on Monday under the auspices of Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The three-day forum is organised by Oman Association for Consumer Protection (OACP), in association with the ACU.
Dr Sajwani said the forum highlights the consumption culture and encourages consumers to buy only what they need as many companies compete with each other to attract customers to buy goods they may not need.
Said bin Nasser al Khusaibi, Chairman of the OACP, Secretary General of ACU, said in his opening speech that there are many unprecedented challenges related to consumption manifestations and culture.
He proposed to set up a committee for globalization of consumption. This committee will focus mainly on coordination among different consumer protection stakeholders.
Dr Mohammed Obaidat, Chairman of ACU, in his speech highlighted the role of civil society organizations in raising consumer awareness. He stressed the need for establishing partnership between the consumer and the organizations involved in protecting the consumer against the products pouring into the Arab world due to globalization. He stressed the need for the Arab consumer to be fully aware of what he consumes.
The first session included several working papers on globalisation, consumer culture and patterns, UN Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), globalization and the role of consumer protection societies in rationalizing consumption and the role of chambers of commerce and Industry in advising their members of the negative aspects of globalisation.
Two sessions will be held on Tuesday. The first session will cover the role of civil society organizations in raising consumer awareness during crises, the globalization media and its effect on consumers and the role of woman in rationalization of consumption. The second session will cover the role of woman associations in rationalizing consumption, the socioeconomic effect of globalization on consumption and consumers.
A meeting of the ACU Secretariat General will be held on Wednesday.