Chinese City in Duqm most ambitious project in MENA

Forbes magazine has described the recent agreement for the establishment of an industrial city in Duqm Economic Zone, which is estimated to have an investment of over $10 billion is among the most ambitious projects that China has invested in Asia and the Middle East and Africa. The magazine said a year ago, the Sultanate signed a deal and opened the doors for a Chinese consortium to move in and do what they seemingly like to do best: build a new boomtown after constructing dozens of full-scale new cities and completely re-developing dozens more in the Sultanate.
The report recently published by the magazine said that the Industrial City Project includes petrochemical complex with a capacity of 230,000 barrels per day. It also includes solar energy and SMEs industries. In total, some 35 projects will be undertaken, including 12 heavy industries projects including plants for mass concrete production, building materials and their associated industries, glass factory, methanol and other chemical materials plant, steel smelter, aluminum smelter, auto tires plant, anti-corrosion building materials, magnesium extraction from the sea water, aromatic chemical plants and other industrial projects as well.
The light industries area comprises 12 projects that include 1 GW of solar energy, 1 GW of batteries and manufacturing 10,000 special 4WD vehicles, production of oil, gas and digging pipes and materials, production of 0.5 million tons of coloured sheets, bicycle assembly, textile production, games and other assorted projects.
It also includes 8 multi-use projects, such as a training centre, a school, a hospital, offices and sports centre. At the tourism area, there will be a five-star hotel.
Forbes magazine also said that the new city dubbed the Sino-Omani Industrial City will turn the region into a vital nerve centre of global trade and manufacturing and a vibrant port through an array of other “mega-ventures.
In addition to being a cluster of industrial operations, the Sino-Omani Industrial City will provide job opportunities and homes for 25,000 people, complete with schools, medical facilities, office complexes, and entertainment centres — which includes a 5-star tourism zone.
“The vital location of SEZD and its port on the Arabian Sea, will make it a mega project that fits snuggly into the bosom of China’s Maritime Silk Road, which serves the global transport and trade.
The project enhances China’s ability to have better access to Europe and Africa and securing its energy needs. — ONA

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