CAS Nizwa concludes water awareness programme

NIZWA, May 5 – CAS Nizwa held the final activities of the Elixir of Life campaign, organised by Public Relations’ students batch 2013, in Nizwa. The closing ceremony of the campaign was held under the auspices of Dr Mona bint Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Media Adviser at the Public Authority for Radio and Television. The events included a water awareness programme, cultural competitions and other entertainment events. Nassra bint Ali al Sharkia, specialist activities at the school, said: “The role of the campaign in raising awareness about the importance of water reminds students to use it properly. It supports what the school presented in the events of the Water Festival.”
The activity was followed by a dialogue session, which was attended by Dr Nasser bin Abdullah al Abri, Assistant Director of Awareness and Public Relations Department at the General Directorate of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Waleed Ambusaidi, from the Omani Water Society, Sulaiman bin Khalaf al Yahiai, Director of Services Department in the Electricity and Water Authority in Al Dakhiliyah, and a representative from the Ministry of Health.
They also discussed the most important goals that their institutions seek to achieve on the waterside and the events organised to serve the community.
The students distributed the water inside the college to the academic department, students and all the workers.
The distribution extended outside the college to include the student housing in Hay Al Turath. As part of the activities, the students also arranged free walking inside the college at 5 pm to make the audience know about the campaign.
They also organised different events such as competitions, stand-up, rap, and various foods and scientific water experiments.
The activities continued for the second day at the Nizwa Cultural Centre in the presence of academics, administrators and students.
Students Abdul Majeed al Shehhi and Fatima al Siyabi, from design major, presented a painting that carries the campaign logo. It was followed by an operetta presented by students from Seba School of Basic Education.
Dr Mona praised the students for their presentation in the campaign which serves the Omani society as a whole and for the beautiful experience.
Salim al Shukaili and Sanad al Busaidi expressed their enjoyment for participating with the campaign in the last two days where it gives them the opportunity to show their talent on rap. The PR students, in coordination Directorate-General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources of Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, held a special exhibition on March 22 in Nizwa Grand Mall as part of the World Water Day 2018 celebrations across the Sultanate
It was organised under the auspices of Naseer bin Ali al Siyabi, General Director of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate.
Speaking on the occasion, he said that this year’s theme is nature for water and the government has taken sincere efforts to propagate this theme to the public.
He praised the role of PR students from NCAS for their initiatives to educate people about the importance of water.
A number of directors of the departments and municipalities in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, students from the College of Applied Sciences, and schools from Al Dakhiliyah participated in the event.