Capturing the depth of beauty


It’s a testament to youth’s unflinching yearning for success and ambition. It brought together young people of different talents and specialties but with deep passion for one hobby and one field of interest.
Omq Photography Company, a thriving photo company, is the fruit of continuous work by Omani youth who graduated from SQU. It is an Omani organization that is geared towards global entrepreneurship in photography and film production. As its founder has said, “we aim to deliver better experience to the clients and projects with our %100 Omani staff.”
“As a group, we thought of applying what we have studied in a practical and more organised manner. With high ambitions, we started in 2013 under the name Qumrah Trading Company but in 2016 we expanded our works and launched our new brand “Omq” in al Mubaila,” said Khalid al Abri, CEO of Omq Co.
Al Amri chose his staff from among the country’s talented students. “The creative youth of Omq are all students who believe they can make a change in the photography industry. I believe there are extraordinary things in all of us. The abilities of youth span far beyond what we can even imagine. Our impact is greater than we think,”Al Abri shared.
He added that the Omani youth have the innate abilities and talents. They need only trust and be given the right atmosphere and support.
Al Amri believes that students are like seedlings that require care to grow.
“I was once in their position, facing the exact problems they face now. The lack of finance impedes progress. In the company, I support them financially and put them to good use during their spare time,” he said.
Omq takes the smallest details into account when working on different photography or video project. They cater to the diverse needs of their clients.
“We work in film production, aerial photography and videography, motion graphics, advertisements, time lapse, event coverage, and live broadcasting. Our works are used locally and internationally in reports, publications, magazines, websites, events, and journals,” Al Amri shared.
Al Amri stressed that Omq seeks best quality result when going through important stages in production. He added that they pay close attention to everything starting from creating the idea, planning, setting the timeline and determining the budget. Once they take everything into account, they discuss the details with their clients for approval.
Al Amri said that their staff is committed to meet deadlines and to satisfy the requests of clients.
“Currently, our methods of marketing the company is by social media. Since we already started presenting our works to companies, we are sure that it won’t be long until our network reach other interested institutions and we will grow,” he said.
The company can be contacted through the CEO’s email at