Cancer is treatable if diagnosed early: OCA

MUSCAT, Feb 4 – One out of six deaths in 2018 will be due to cancer and nearly every family in the world will be affected in one way or another by the disease, according to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization. On the occasion of World Cancer Day on Sunday, Oman Cancer Association Director and Chairperson, Dr Wahid al Kharousi said: “If we don’t immediately get to work to bring about a paradigm change in attitudes and awareness, cancer fatality could easily exceed the current figure within the next ten years.”
He stressed that in the past 18 years OCA has worked incessantly and untiringly to control and prevent cancers and improved the quality of life of cancer patients, survivors, families and the community. “Whatever we have been able to achieve during this time is only on account of our dedicated and strategic programmes of advocacy and awareness, patient support and empowerment, education and training research and fund raising.”
Commenting on OCA’s ground-breaking initiatives under its founder, four-time cancer survivor Yuthar al Rawahi, Dr Al Kharousi said: “The main focus of the organisation has been to make the community and decision makers realise the negative impact of cancer on the GDP. Importantly, we have to make the community realise that cancer is a treatable disease if diagnosed early.” “It is imperative to remove the stigma and taboo that surrounds the word ‘cancer’ that creates an unfounded fear in the minds of the people,” he added.