Balancing passion and profession


Kaushalendra Singh –
Salalah, April 21 –

Your career does not define you always. You are known for your profession in the society but you wanted to be known for your passion, not the profession. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to quit a profession and follow your instincts.
“Striking a balance is the best solution to get the benefits of both and enjoy both profession and passion,” said some professionals who continue with their art as hobbies.
They would have been outstanding artist(e)s had they pursued their passion but for some compulsions of career or lack of confidence they are sticking to their professions and sailing through.
Nattasuda Mettaprasert aka Nini or Ni served as First Secretary in Royal Thai Embassy in Muscat for three years. She has gone back to her home country after serving in Oman for three years. Besides being a successful diplomat, Nini is deep into music especially singing, playing guitar, piano, keyboard and drums. She keeps a passion for sports and participates in tournaments on and off, stealing time from her busy schedule and sums up as “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” when asked how she manages time despite being so busy.
She does not have hesitation in doing stage performances and taking part in sports competitions. “I did not get opportunity do any proper shows in Oman, but once I was invited to one event in Crowne Plaza, Muscat where I took part as a drummer along with a profession band. I was happy to get appreciation from the band party and the audience.”

Nini2Living in Oman made her fall in love with Oman. “It is like my second home. I always feel at home here… I love this beautiful country, especially Omanis and expatriates who have opportunity to their hobbies.”
Same is the case with Dr Shelly Mohanty, a lecturer having more than 18 years of working experience in corporate and academics. Currently in Oman for the last six years, Shelly loves singing, listening to music, playing musical instruments and also reading different books.
Her inspirations are parents, who always inspired her from childhood for developing inner skills. Her greatest inspiration now is husband, who always supports and encourages in pursuing her hobbies.
“I really find it hard to dedicate enough time for my hobbies due to everyday professional activities and busy schedule. But still whenever I get time I love to spend it for my hobbies,” said Shelly who was keeping dream of becoming a singer.
“No, I have not taken part in any shows in the recent past but I still remember my school and college days, when I used to participate in different musical functions and shows. I really miss those days… It has been really difficult to manage hobbies with my work. Whenever I feel stressed, tensed or overburdened with work, I definitely try to find out my own time for relaxation… Surely music gives peace to my mind a lot and I gather energy to pursue other works.”
Carol Ebua Adtoon, a licensed Architect and a licensed master plumber is from Bohol, Philippines. She is in Oman for the last five years working as an instructor in technical drawing.
Her hobbies include singing, dancing, drawing and painting. She loves to play the piano and she also sings. Of all the hobbies, drawing and painting are something she considers special.
Her hobbies keep her going. “When I get to see a nice artwork, I strongly feel to draw or when I am sad and lonely I feel like hitting the keyboard, pour my emotions in it and sing aloud. My hobbies are more like an escape from the real world. When I draw or paint, I forget everything, I feel like I am in another world until something distracts me.”
She admits that she strikes balance between her profession and hobbies. “I am lucky that my work schedule in Oman allows me to pursue my hobbies. I am free from work at 3 pm and the weekends give me enough to do my hobbies. For me work is as important as my hobbies.”