Awards galore for Life and The Journey

Muscat, April 1 –
Moroccan film Life and Iraqi movie The Journey stole the show by sweeping many awards at the just-concluded Muscat International Film Festival.
Raaof Sabahi was adjudged the Best Director for Life, while the Jury prize went to The Journey directed by Mohammed al Daraji.
Nearly 90 films were screened and reviewed by the national and international jury members.
In the ‘Voices from the World’ category featuring narrative films, the award for best script went to Life.
Jilali Boujmaa was adjudged the Best Actor for his role in Tunisian film Until the End of Time and the Best Actress award to Huda Abdul Aziz for her role in The Journey. The Best Photography award went to Life.
Khanjar is a prestigious honour given by Oman Film Society. Yasmine Shuwaik walked away with the Golden Khanjar for Until the End of Time. The Bronze Khanjar went to Palestinian film The Writing on the Snow by Rashid Mashharwai and Silver Khanjar to Lebanese film Nour by Khalil Zaarour.
While the winner was Italian film Fame by Giacomo Abbruzzses and Angelo Milano, the Special Jury Prize went to Mirrors of the Diaspora by Qasim Abd. House of Two Rivers received a special mention.
Award of Critics Committee (Salim Bahwan) made a special mention of the Tunisian film Foreign Body, directed by Raja Amani, and Until the End of Time.
In Rays short films category, special mention was made of Tunisian film Aya by Mufida Fadila, Egyptian film Nada by Adel Yahya, American film The Game by Sandriana Cassidy and Algerian film I Promised You by Mohamed Yarki.
Five Children and a Wheel by Said Zaga won the Golden Khanjar, Last Day of the Man Tomorrow the Silver Khanjar and French film Shock Industries by Jethro Massey the Bronze Khanjar.
In Rays documentary category, special mention was made of Indonesian film Bird Song by Sinu Bartama.
Iraqi film Face Death with a Wire Cutter by Sawar Abdullah won the Golden Khanjar and Iranian film Azadi Cinema by Mahdi Tarfi the Silver Khanjar. Palestinian film Foreign by Natalie Jebel won the Bronze Khanjar.
In the short film category titled ‘Stories on Oman’, Asya by Mohamed al Harthy was declared the Best Film.
Gift to the Sky by Rukaya al Bahri won the Golden Khanjar, Overlap by Bashayer al Mashaykhi the Silver Khanjar and Fault by Abdulaziz al Habsi the Bronze Khanjar.
In the ‘Stories of Oman’ documentary category, Immigrant Falcon Adham by Robin Pena won the Golden Khanjar and Sons of Sinbad by Frederick Klodch the Silver Khanjar. The Neroz Omani by Hussain al Balushi won the Bronze Khanjar.