Assarain dominate OC annual awards

MUSCAT: Assarain dominated the Oman Cricket Annual Awards for 2016-17 season with four honours at Al Falaj Hotel late on Sunday.
Assarain, who were the Premier Division 50 overs and Twenty20 champions, also bagged another two awards with star batsman Zeeshan Maqsood claiming the Best Batsman and Man of the Year honours.
Shaikh Saad bin Mohammed al Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs, was the chief guest for the awards gala and away the prizes.
Shaikh Saad bin al Saadi was presented a memento by the Oman Cricket on the occasion.
OC AWARDS 2016-17
Premier division (sponsored by Muscat Pharmacy & Stores)
Winners: Assarain; Runners-up: Muscat CT
Premier division T20 League
Winners: Assarain; Runners-up: Al Turki NMC
A division (sponsored by Khimji Ramdas LLC)
Winners: NYDT; Runners-up: MDC Enhance
B division (sponsored by Al Ansari Group of Companies)
Winners: Fair Trade; Runners-up: Zawawi Power Tech
C division (sponsored by Raha Poly Products)
Winners: Ernst & Young; Runners-up: Al Mardhuf LLC
D division (sponsored by Enhance)
Winners: Carillion Alawi; Runners-up: Bab Al Rayan
E division
Winners: Bahihi; Runners-up: Abu Maathar
F division
Winners: Trust Oilfield; Runners-up: Rukun Al Yaqeen
G division
Winners: National Bank of Oman; Runners-up: Bank Muscat
H division
Winners: Douglas OHI; Runners-up: Khalsa United
I division
Winners: Mehul ENT; Runners-up: Times of Oman
J division
Winners: Unique Elegants; Runners-up: Classic Cricket
Individual awards
Omani players: Playing for 1 team
Best batsman: Salim al Balushi (OCT Mabellah)
Best bowler: Haitham Khalid al Sabri (OCT Amerat)
Omani players : Playing for more than one team
Best batsman: Yousuf al Balushi (NYDT, OCT Seeb, Bank Muscat)
Best bowler: Younis al Balushi (OCT Mabellah, Zawawi Powertech)
Best all-rounder: Abdul Ghani Rahim al Balushi (OCT Al Hail ‘A’, Majees)
Player of the Year (sponsored by Assarain)
Zeeshan Maqsood of Assarain
Premier division
Best batsman: Zeeshan Maqsood of Assarain
Best bowler: Baadal Singh of Muscat CT
A division
Best batsman: Robins Barmeda (Indian Social Club)
Best bowler: Gurmail Jaspreet Singh (NYDT)
Consolation batting: Shuaib Ismail al Balushi (NYDT)
Consolation bowling: Imran Haider Mirza (Salman Stores)
B division
Best batsman: Vijayanand Dhayanandan (Fairtrade)
Best bowler: Muhammad Raza Mohsin (Fairtrade)
C division
Best batsman: Prasad Peruli (Landscape Architecture)
Best bowler: Sharique Baig (Uki Inspired)
Consolation bowling: Jakir Hushen (Al Mardhuf)
D division
Best batsman: Davinder Kumar (Carillion Alawi)
Best bowler: Omkar P Ozadekar (Arabian Sea Bridge Trading)
Consolation batting: Salim Shaikh (New Prism International)
Best all-rounder: Syed Irfan Ashraf (Bab Al Rayan)
E division
Best batsman: Irfan Haider Syed (Ibrahim Al Kisri)
Best bowler: Kishore Krishnan (Bahihi)
Consolation bowling: Mohammad Muslim Alam (Ibrahim Al Kisri)
F division
Best batsman: Robin Durai (Rukun Al Yaqeen)
Best bowler: Mohan Babu Murugan (Rukun Al Yaqeen)
Consolation batting: Raghunath Masanam (Rukun Al Yaqeen)
Consolation bowling: Muniraja Chithanoor (Rukun Al Yaqeen)
G division
Best batsman: Maanas Kapoor (National Bank of Oman)
Best bowler: Zaheer Abbas (National Bank of Oman)
Consolation batting: Yusuf al Balushi (Bank Muscat)
H division
Best batsman: Sushil Kadam (Khalsa United)
Best bowler: Vinod V Nair (Douglas OHI)
I division
Best batsman: Azeem Muhammad (Times of Oman)
Best bowler: Azeem Muhammad (Times of Oman)
Consolation batting: Elson Samson (Hussain Fadhil & Partners)
Best all-rounder: Azeem Muhammad (Times Of Oman)
J division
Best batsman: Hari Prasad Venkataraman (Design Group)
Best bowler: Vicky Mandalia (Unique Elegants)
Oman national team: Omantel
Oman national team: Samsonite
Junior U-16 Boys & U-19 Women’s Tournament: Al Turki enterprises
Junior U-19 Boys, ‘A’ division league and knock-out tournament: Khimji Ramdas LLC
Premier division: Muscat Pharmacy & Stores
B division: Al Ansari Group of Companies
C division: Raha Polyproducts
D division: Enhance
Auditors: Maganlal Thakkar

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